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Your time is one of your most significant commodities. Time means investing in your craft, your job, and your purpose. Time means your family, attending dance recitals with your tiny ballerina, or soccer games with your little athlete. Time means more bedtime stories or maybe just making your own stories.


At Lemus Painting and Remodeling, we value time, and we want you to have more of it. Our Tulsa Residential Painting Services will allow you to have more time doing what you love and less time worrying about painting and remodeling. When we do a job, you can bet it will be done right. 


Lemus Painting and Remodeling offers efficient and excellent residential painting services to fellow Tulsans. Our team of painting and remodeling experts believes in excellence, from the first phone to the last can of high-quality paint for your home.


The team also believes in helping our customers save time. We know how busy life can be here in Tulsa, and we aim to ensure that your home’s painting and remodeling isn’t another stress point.


We do this by providing the best painting and remodeling services in the Tulsa area, clear communication, and transparent pricing. 


We also understand how important your home is to you. That’s where you and your family spend a lot of your time. We want to assure you your home is important to us, too.


Our professionally trained team is equipped to provide you and your family with the best service possible. We provide top solutions, excellent customer service, and top-quality products.


From painting your cabinets to texturing your walls, Lemus Painting and Remodeling offers full-service interior and exterior painting services for your home.


And we won’t cut corners either; we believe in providing the most detail-oriented and quality work on every single project, whether it’s as big as a whole house or as small as one tiny corner.

Tulsa Residential Painting
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Dedicated to Your Home 


Your home is essential to you. It’s a place to rest, cook dinner with the kids, work, play games, and so much more. Your home is your very own space, and we aim to treat it as mindfully as you would.


Our team is hyper-conscious when it comes to the cleanliness and safety of your home. Whether there are kids, dogs, kittens, or just you, we’ll treat your space for what it is: a sacred spot that we happen to be making even more beautiful.


Call today to get a free quote on our Tulsa painting and remodeling services. 

Our Specialties

Lemus Painting offers Tulsa painting and remodeling services that encompass a wide range of specialties and skills. We offer tons of Tulsa residential painting and remodeling services for your home. Below are some of our most popular:


Having cabinets painted in your house can give your home a modern, clean look while increasing your home’s value. It’s important to choose a professional team who can transform your cabinets into what you are envisioning. Cabinets make a surprisingly big difference in the kitchen. If you're looking to upgrade your kitchen to be more modern or more vintage, let our team transform your cabinets. We offer efficient and exact cabinet painting for your kitchen or other rooms.


Not only can wood rot in your home be potentially dangerous but it can also be difficult to spot get rid of to the untrained eye. Woot rot can seriously harm your home and its inhabitants. You don't want the integrity of your floors or other wood to be compromised. Lemus Painting provides a skilled and professional hand to not only remove the wood rot, but also to take care of any repair that would need to be done. If you suspect woot rot, then be sure to give us a call today.


Many of us can attest to the feeling you get when you realize you have a hole in your wall or ceiling but you don’t know how to fix it. There’s even a worst feeling once you’ve tried to fix it but there’s now a very noticeable patch on the wall that sticks out like a sore thumb. If your home has some questionable spots, like holes or peeling plaster, our team can come in and efficiently fix the problem. Fixing these holes can be tricky and leave a strange residue or even a patched appearance, but our team can fix holes without leaving a trace. Call our team today for plaster and drywall repair. We can fix any problems your wall or ceiling has without a hassle. Lemus Painting has years of experience in plaster and drywall repair. They can quickly repair and replace so you don’t have to deal with the hassle and worry of trying to figure it out on your own. Once they’ve completed the project, no one will ever be able to tell that there was a problem!


When it comes to adding texture to your ceiling and walls, you want to hire a professional that can apply a steady and consistent look throughout the entire room. Whether you're looking to add texture to a wall or get rid of it, our team of Tulsa painting experts can help bring your dream to life. Lemus Painting can guarantee quality work when it comes to adding texture to surfaces. They have all the materials needed to apply the texture you’re looking for and make your home stand out.


The outside of your home is your first impression on many people, and your siding on your house and its condition can play a big role. You may want to replace the siding on your house, but you don’t want to use a company that will surprise you with a big bill at the end. Lemus Painting provides installation of full siding on your home to make your first impression a good one. Siding can drastically alter the exterior appearance of your home. Lemus Painting provides the installation of complete siding on your home at a more affordable price at companies. Before any project, they can give you a free estimate for what it will cost them to get the job done. Call today to receive a free estimate on your Tulsa home's remodel. No more worry or hassle; just a good-looking house!


Staining can make any structure look brand new; however, it can seem like a big task, especially when you have pets, kids, and family members to be aware of. Staining a floor or other parts of a home can make space feel modern, open, and updated. Our team offers incredibly efficient staining services so you can enjoy your updated space sooner rather than later. From floors to decks and anything in between, Lemus Painting can help update your home. Lemus Painting offers staining services with quick turnaround so you can enjoy your home in no time. From floors to decks and anything in between, Lemus Painting can give your home a quality look.


Popcorn ceiling is outdated and not the prettiest to look at. Without a skilled hand, trying to remove popcorn ceiling by yourself can be a disaster. Lemus Painting provides a quick and efficient service when it comes to removing popcorn ceiling. With all the right equipment, disposal method, and experience, Lemus Painting can transform your ceiling into something you want to look at.


Sometimes, power washing is the only way to get something clean, although it can be very technical and messy. Lemus Painting and Remodeling also offers precise high-powered washing for spaces that need to be thoroughly cleaned. We can wash an area that's pre-remodel, or just a deck or some other structure that needs a deep clean. Lemus Painting is up for the challenge of your power washing project. With attention-to-detail and quality work guaranteed, they can leave your property looking good-as-new!

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Why Choose Us?

Budget-Friendly Services

We are serious about giving our customers a great price. We provide up-front housing and quotes that prioritize giving you the best value you can get.

Excellent Service

Our priority is making sure our customers are thrilled and homes are freshened and updated. We do this by providing prompt, kind customer service who will be there to answer any questions you have. Just give us a call.

Timely Execution

As we mentioned, time is essential to us. And while we will make sure to do an excellent and professional job, we’ll do it promptly.

Professional Team

Our team is dedicated to providing the best Tulsa Residential Painting service that’s available. Our team of dedicated experts has handled just about anything you can throw at them. When you hire Lemus Painting and Remodeling, you’re hiring a team who can handle your home and make it even better than before.

Clean & Safe

We also prioritize cleanliness. Although painting and remodeling are often considered messy jobs, we’re perfectionists. We’ll make sure any mess from painting or remodeling is cleaned up, sanitized, and put back into order. We also prioritize our worker’s safety on the job and exercise rigid safety precautions to ensure this.

Quality Products

We aren’t just going to offer excellent service, but excellent products, too. From paint to home siding, we will work with you to find the best option for painting and remodeling your home. Our team is committed to helping your home dream become a reality.

Free Quote!

We offer free estimates on all projects to ensure that you receive the highest service at the lowest cost, instead of the other way around. You won’t be shocked at the price when we’re done. We’re transparent about expenses, so you won’t have to guess.

Still not sure about Lemus Painting and Remodeling? Give us a call so we can answer any questions you have!

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