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Are you looking for a company to provide the best and most affordable painting services for the interior of your home? At Lemus Painting and Remodeling, our commitment is to make your interior dreams a reality. We offer full-service interior painting and remodeling to freshen and update your home or business.


From painting big spaces to one corner, you can trust Lemus Painting and Remodeling for all of your Tulsa interior painting needs. Our team of professionals and experts have been trained to take care of your home’s needs and do it correctly. With Lemus Painting and Remodeling, you won’t have to guess if the job is done right or promptly. We are dedicated to ensuring that your home or business updates are professional, convenient, and affordable. Our interior paint jobs are done excellently, and we will always use high-quality products.

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Tulsa Residential Painting

One wall can make a massive difference in the look of a particular space. A white wall can open a small space so that it feels more expansive. An accent wall can provide a hint of color that space may desperately need. Sometimes, a fresh wall of paint can update a room or area in a house or business to look newer and cleaner.


From painting a wall to painting the interior of an entire office, Lemus Painting and Remodeling is your local Tulsa painter. With Lemus, you won’t have to worry about the quality of work or the expertise of the workers. Their team has years of experience and certifications when it comes to interior painting and remodeling. Lemus is a local company that loves updating Tulsa’s spaces through professional painting and remodeling. You can always expect timely and quality service when you choose Lemus Painting and Remodeling to update your home or business’s interior.


Interior painting can transform the look of your home or business. Our interior painting will make a difference in your home or business, from updating wall colors, adding accent walls and ceilings to painting your cabinets. What Tulsa interior painting services do we offer, you may ask? Read on.

Lemus Painting and Remodeling offers full-package painting for both exterior and interiors. However, when it comes to Tulsa interior painting, they offer even more services than you might think!

Our Specialties

There are many interior services that Lemus Painting has come across in our years of experience. As a Tulsa painting and remodeling company, our goal is to always make your space look better. Here are some ways Lemus Painting can serve you and your interior space:


If you have a wall or several walls that need fresh coats of paint, Lemus Painting can help you. Lemus' team of professionals makes interior painting a dream for you. They work directly with you to ensure that the painting happens at the best time for your home or business. They prioritize communicating with you and always leave spaces better than they found them. No matter the color or the wall texture, Lemus Painting and Remodeling can transform your space using high-quality products and their expertise. Painting is in our name, after all.


Are your cabinets outdated or dingy? Maybe you want to give a new style to outdated cabinets or freshen the paint job up? Painting cabinets is one of our specialties. Let Lemus Painting and Remodeling give your kitchen a modern look. Not only does Lemus offer excellent interior wall painting, but their team also specializes in cabinet painting. Cabinets make a massive difference in the feel and look of your kitchen. If you're looking for professionals to update their color or texture with precision and skill, look no further! Lemus' team are experts at transforming your kitchen to better match your style.


As homes age, they often develop cracks and damages to the plaster and drywall. Lemus' team of experts can help minimize these damages and cover up cracks and other marks on plaster and drywall. Painting these cracks will help to avoid further cracking as well as looking overall fresher and cleaner. We can even repair any plaster that may have cracked or damaged over the years. When we say we do it all, we mean it.

Tulsa Interior Painting

The Lemus Difference

We’re all about time. Our goal at Lemus Painting and Remodeling is to ensure that you have more time to spend on your priorities and less time worrying about the interior of your home. When we say we’ll be there- we will. We prioritize our own time, too, and while we’ll take the time to get your interior painting done well, we won’t linger and cost you more money and time. Our Lemus team is highly efficient, executing your interior painting dreams promptly.


These are just a few things that Lemus Painting and Remodeling can handle for you. If you have something else in mind, all you have to do is give us a call. No matter the project, we’ll always provide a free quote. We promise to be upfront about any interior painting job, so you don’t have to worry about being shocked by prices. Other companies might capitalize on vague pricing, but our priority is to provide you with the best service here at Lemus Painting and Remodeling. Part of that is offering excellent Tulsa interior painting and remodeling at a transparent and affordable price. We know how hard it can be to find good help; that’s why we created Lemus Painting and Remodeling.


No matter what interior painting job needs to be done, you can trust Lemus Painting and Remodeling to get it done correctly and efficiently. No more working with unreliable painters who don’t have your best interest in mind. Lemus’ team is passionate about providing the best quality service in Tulsa, from the moment you call to the moment they load their truck up and leave with a job well done. Lemus’ team prioritizes painting and remodeling with excellence and reducing any stress for you.


If you’re looking for the best interior painting or remodeling company in Tulsa, look no further! Give Lemus’ team a call today to receive a free bid. Their team of professionals can’t wait to transform your home or business! With us, you don’t just get good service; you get the best assistance with your home or business’s interior update.

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